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08-26 Now Page

I moved back into my dorm, and its really weird seeing this new reality we're living in. I finally have a kitchen, and have been slowly getting much better at cooking! (follow my meals here!). Because of the way life is right now, it's really hard to do much for entertainment, so I've been working a lot. I'm working on many speedcubing software projects - an Algorithm Database, a Timer and finishing up Nodus. I'm also exercising more, going on runs and trying to stay in shape (or perhaps get into shape?).


I'm completing my second last semester of college. I've finished a large part of my undergrad CS degree, and am now focusing on finishing my English Minor and HCI Specialization. I'm also actively participating in the Politech research group (this will be my 3rd semester). Its a really exciting project and challenges me to learn and develop great UI/UX concepts. I'm looking forward to taking my first Psychology course as well as a Computer Security class.


I'm actively applying to full time positions for once I graduate. My large goal currently is to get a web development role at a user product based company. If you have something in mind, email me! I'm also studying for the GRE and looking into potential grad school opportunities. Still 50/50 on grad school/job.

What I'm consuming

I've been on a non-fiction spurge recently. I'm currently reading The Annotated Turing, and loving the exploration and historical documentation of Alan Turings life. Up next, I want to complete 21 Lessons for the 21st Century by Yuval Noah Harari and Hank Green's sequel A Beautifully Foolish Endeavor. If it weren't for the state of the world, I'd be anticipating so many movies like Tenet, but alas, we survive.

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