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Hi, I'm Saransh

 🎓 I am a Senior at Stony Brook University majoring in Computer Science and minoring in English. Some of my interests lie in UI/UX Design, Visualization, Gesture Interfaces and Abstraction.

 💻 I’ve worked on a couple projects that you can find below (and a lot more on my github). You can also look at my Curriculum Vitae

 🧩 I enjoy Speedcubing and have participated in over 75 WCA Competitions. I'm currently the Vice-Chair and Board Member of the World Cube Association, the official Non Profit organization that governs speedcubing. I've podiumed over 20 times in my Main event Pyraminx - I have formerly held the Asian Record with a 2.45 second average and now rank in the Top 50 in the world.

I occasionally dabble in writing as well. You can check out my blog posts here

If you're wondering exactly what I'm up to, check out my now page.

Recent projects

Recent Posts

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