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Saransh Grover's Now Page

September has been a crazy month.

I was elected into the WCA Board of Directors and am now a Vice-Chair. So far it has been a blast to be part of the Board, and I'm looking forward to working hard for the next 2 years! Getting used to waking up to 10 emails a day has been a journey.

With this and school ramping up, I've had little time for my projects. I'm still working on AlgDB the most. I've also started a minor revamp of my personal site to include a portfolio.

Took some time out to set up a personal URL shortener at Highly recommend checking out

I've successfully checked a pretty good productivity achievement over the last few months by completely switching to Vim whenever I'm coding. It's certainly not been easy, but I am almost certain it will give me a significant productivity boost when I code.

I'm working on 2 posts, one about Podcasts and Spotify, and one that lists out the tools I use for productivity. Hopefully I have them out in october.

Oh also, my next update will be after Halloween - I will leave you speculating what my costume will be ;)

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